Sinisa Mali and Kirill Kravchenko signed agreement on continuation of the programme "Together for the community"

Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali and General Manager of NIS, Kiril Kravchenko signed today at the Old Palace the Agreement on Cooperation between NIS and the City of Belgrade on the basis of which the company will continue to invest in Belgrade within the program "Together for the Community".

Stressing satisfaction with the signing of the agreement, Sinisa Mali said that the program "Together for the Community " is conducted for the third year in a row.


- City of Belgrade is part of the program in the past two years. We have received 40 million dinars from the NIS, and this money is spent on a large number of projects , including video and audio equipment for the theater "Bosko Buha ", parks and playgrounds in Belgrade and Obrenovac and many others - said the mayor of Belgrade.


Siniša Mali invited citizens and NGOs to nominate their projects.


- We want our citizens to propose projects that will contribute to the development of their neighborhoods and communities, regardless of whether it comes to sport, culture, education, environmental protection and other projects. This year again, we have 20 million and the opportunity to nominate more projects - said Siniša Mali .

He stressed that cooperation with the NIS is more than good and that the company jointly with the city is working on a number of investments.


- We want to finish as soon as possible the project of reconstruction of NIS gas stations and we will continue to work together. So I want to thank Mr. Kravchenko and the NIS in which support this projects in Belgrade and Serbia, and they wish to contribute their funds to our city - said the mayor of Belgrade.


NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko praised the current management of the City of Belgrade, recalling that only last year done more than in the previous ten years.


- I'm sure that in the social sense, we are working in the right direction, and we have plans for the future and I believe that in future we will be even better. Thanks to the citizens of Belgrade which support our work and assure you that the NIS, as before, continues to provide an example of social responsibility - said Kravchenko.


The signing was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Andreja Mladenovic, City secretaries for social protection and public utility services, Nataša Stanisavljević and Nina Jandric, Director of the Information Service of the City of Belgrade Mirjana Pavičić, director of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade Nela Mićović, director of the Theatre " Boško Buha "Milorad Mandic and management representatives of NIS.


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